An Special Art and Architecture

The Great Temple, which contains a wide range of services, is Spanish-Moorish in style.

The shapes, size and perspective of the building have been carefully designed to offer a magic effect. The walls are built with Andalusian tile with golden motifs. Once we cross El Temple we will find 7 doors, the last of them overlooking an exceptional landscape: the sea. The facilities are lit using a never-before-seen and unique gigantic lamp design.

The top of the Spanish-Egyptian minaret turns into a green lighthouse at night. Our Temple has been carefully built with thousands of old tiles.

A 5 KW sun energy panel is also found, although it remains invisible to the eye.

The outdoor showers, located at the wholly pool area follow a unique Templo del Sol design. The 25 m. terraced areas between each pool are filled with moving fresh shallow water, which is warmed and purified by the sun. The Oriental-style dome over the Jacuzzi has been built with old tiles and the movie theatre's great dome allows ventilation of warm air and shines at night, thanks to its blue colors.  The floor also has indirect lighting and is very original and representative of our unique style.