Rules and regulations

Rule 1: Wear your bracelet at all times

This is not an intrusion on your liberty but a means to prevent strangers from intruding on your privacy. The domain is reserved strictly for those patrons registered. Bracelets are systematically controlled at the entry to the sanitary blocks and pool area

Rule 2: Prohibitions.

No radio or television. No dogs allowed. The NATURIST vocation of EL TEMPLO DEL SOL excludes access to visitors. Barbeques are not allowed on windy days.

Rule 3: Minimum stays

Pitches: July/August 7 nights. Rest of the season 2 nights.

Accommodations: July/August 7 nights. Rest of the season 2 nights.

Rule 4: Cleanliness

Please respect the cleanliness of the site, the infrastructure that was designed for your comfort. Plants and trees are sacred here.

Rule 5: Nudity

Total nudity is not allowed in the services area (reception, bar, supermarket…).

Rule 6: Individuals

The naturist passport is required. To apply it to the website or the website  international