Naturist Wellness Resort

Naturist Camping Wellness Resort


El Templo del Sol has the best Mediterranean Naturist Camping Wellness Resort where you will find an extensive range of pools, hot tubs and a range of accommodation and services. A place to relax, take care of your physical and mental health
reach this balance that you are looking

On the shores of the Mediterranean created three infinity pools that make you feel in the middle of the sea surrounded by its vastness and tranquility, where the pool and skyline blend in perfect harmony. Mediterranean feel in your skin.

The Sun Temple is a unique architectural beauty and Moorish style that transports you to a dream world in which we created the "Royal Baths", a large hot tub under our great Arab dome. Health, beauty and tranquility in perfect harmony. A pleasure for the senses.

Seawater Jacuzzis so you live a relaxing and enjoyable massage experience with its warm seawater. Where the sea, the sun and the
wonderful Mediterranean climate come together to benefit your health.

Naturist Wellness Resort Spain